of Montreal – UR FUN

'UR FUN' is some of of Montreal's most accessible and enjoyable work to date....
of Montreal : UR FUN
7.9 Polyvinyl

of Montreal : UR FUN


Kevin Barnes’ of Montreal have long been a prolific indie-psych outfit, perhaps too prolific, with one idiosyncratic release after another making it harder to establish their singular style. But now, there was a whole two years between of Montreal albums, and UR FUN is some of the band’s most accessible and enjoyable work to date.

That starts right from the star with “Peace To All Freaks”, a shining peace party for all the freaks that Barnes celebrates. An oddball and proud of it, Barnes’ psychedelics are not the indulgent & turgid seventies knock-offs that seem to be so popular these days, but a celebration. “Don’t Let Me Die In America” and kiss-off “St. Sebastian” are confetti, not trippy-for-trippiness’ sake. Barnes also has his way with lyrics & song titles, such as “Polyaneurism”, “Get God’s Attention By Being An Atheist”, and “Christina wants to try ecstasy / As a form of couple’s therapy.”

You do have to be willing to go along with of Montreal’s journey to appreciate them, but UR FUN is a compelling case for joining the journey.

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