New Colossus – Q&As 2

Some extra interviews from New York City’s New Colossus Festival, with St. Woods and Radiant Reveries....
Radiant Reveries

New Colossus - Q&As II

Some extra interviews from New York City’s New Colossus Festival, with St. Woods and Radiant Reveries:


St. WoodsSt. Woods

QRO: You’ve got a lot on your plate… I believe you’ve got an album coming out (or is it just out?) and are kicking off a mini-U.S. tour here in New York at New Colossus?

St. Woods: Yes! There’s a lot of stuff happening at the moment and I am very excited and honored to be able to live and enjoy every part of it. The new album is right around the corner and the U.S. dates have been a blast, couldn’t ask for a better way to start the tour.

QRO: What have you liked best about NYC? Any tips for U.S. bands stopping in Madrid on tour?

SW: It is for sure a bigger city than Madrid, and that implies that there is a lot going on every second. My best advice would be not to sleep at all, there are so many bands playing, or venues that will blow your mind, we even got to do some work at a hidden studio in Manhattan. The music is limitless here, and that is beyond amazing.

QRO: Have you had a chance to see any other bands while here at New Colossus? New favorites or old friends?

SW: Yes! We were lucky enough to see some Spanish friends here, Baywaves, Hickeys (QRO photos at New Colossus), Go Cactus, and we missed Kings of the Beach, but I heard it was crazy! And we discovered Lev Snowe (QRO photos at New Colossus), what a show they did at Pianos (QRO venue review)!


Radiant Reveries

Radiant Reveries

QRO: Adam [Wallace] and Karolina [Wallace], I know your connectedness goes back for a long time. Can you tell me more about the journey you and the band have taken toward making music together?

Radiant Reveries: We have been friends for years and years before falling in love and getting married seven years ago. Music wasn’t always in the picture for us, but when we got a taste, we couldn’t stop. Adam started playing solo shows and shortly after Karolina jumped in and a version of Radiant Reveries was birthed. We are fortunate to be moving forward with our current lineup of Chris Heinz (drums) and Graham Pence (bass). Also we’ve been friends with each of the guys for years before playing together so it’s definitely been a journey of friendship and of love and of serendipity. Feels like the stars aligned.

QRO: As locals here, do you have any advice for touring bands about favorite places to eat, hang out… park the van??

RR: There are so many great places to eat and hang all over the city. Pretty much anything you want, you can get. Oasis in Williamsburg and Takahachi in the East Village are always good. As for music related hang outs there’s places like Coney Island Baby, Berlin and Baby’s All Right (QRO venue review), but the best part of NYC is wandering and seeing what you find. Hit those streets, hit those parks and good luck with parking…

QRO: Have you had the opportunity to catch any new bands at this festival or connect with any other artists?

RR: Sadly we weren’t able to check out many shows. New Colossus curated a solid lineup. We listened to the Spotify playlist they made for all the bands in the festival, which was a pretty cool touch.

QRO: What’s next for you guys? I hear you’ve been at work on something new.

RR: Yes! We are currently recording our album with Don DiLego at Velvet Elk Studios. Our goal is to release the first single / video by June.

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