Minus the Bear – Voids

Minus the Bear keep up their intricate, electric rock....
Minus the Bear : Voids
7.7 Suicide Squeeze

Minus the Bear : Voids

A decade ago, as the hipster kids were picking up synthesizers, there were a great number of acts that married indie-rock and timed electronics, presaging the disco-electronica revival that was to come. One of the more consistent has been Seattle’s Minus the Bear, who have managed to outlive most of the other ‘math rock’ outfits, and return after five years with their sixth full-length, Voids.

There is a definite evening feel to the songs on Voids, driving past streetlights like in an eighties film, but with a twenty-first century edge. The rock on pieces such as opener “Last Kiss” is electric without being ‘electro’ or even really ‘electronic’, just an element as key as the guitar or drums. This does veer into disco-rock, but stronger is when the group plays downbeat, like “Last Kiss” or resigned insomniac “What About the Boat?”.

Six albums in, Minus the Bear aren’t going to reinvent their sound, even after a hiatus and label switch (back to their original imprint, Suicide Squeeze). Rather, Voids keeps up their intricate, electric rock.

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