Malajube : La caverne

<img src="" alt="Malajube : La caverne" /><br /> French-Canadian Malajube fit right in with today's disco-flavored electro-dance on their latest. ...
Malajube : La caverne
6.9 Dare to Care

Malajube : La caverne Disco-flavored electro-dance has long been a specialité of the French, even as it’s also had a serious international flare as well.  So French-Canadian Malajube fit right in with their latest, La caverne.  Even though it’s not as inspired or inventive as their last record, 2009’s Labyrinthes (QRO review), and can get a bit grating after a while, La caverne is another good notch on their belt.

The growing dance-rock of opener "Synestésie" and the bit more pressing "Cro-Magnon" start La caverne well – perhaps a bit too well, as the rest of the release never matches those early heights.  Indeed, the slower dance-funk procession in "Sangsues" wears thin after a while, while back-to-back "Ibuproféne" and "Le stridor" just come off as sweet & cheesy.  La caverne is clearly best when Malajube up the tempo and keep the rock.

The Francophile international nature of dance-rock particularly suits Malajube because they sing in French, a rarity in today’s English-dominated alternative music scene.  It doesn’t get in the way of La caverne, but in fact works with Malajube’s sound, one that translates worldwide.

MP3 Stream: "Synestésie"

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