Littlefield moved down the block in mid-May, 2017. Littlefield is located on 622 DeGraw Street, between Third and Fourth Avenues, in Brooklyn’s Park Slope.  It lies four blocks west...



Littlefield moved down the block in mid-May, 2017.

Littlefield is located on 622 DeGraw Street, between Third and Fourth Avenues, in Brooklyn’s Park Slope.  It lies four blocks west of Southpaw, four blocks northwest of Union Hall, and nine blocks northeast of Union Hall sister venue Bell House.  And very new venue, Littlefield opened on May 22nd, 2009.

Littlefield is divided into three sections.  First, there is an outdoor patio area, then an indoor bar area, and then the performance space, the last two separated by a movable partition.  The indoor bar area is actually rather nice & new, with a few large table and chairs (which encourages people who don’t know each other to talk to each other) and a merch table.  Around the bar, across from the house-right entrance, are the bathrooms.  The partition just opens a bit when concerts are being held, and while the bar area can be quite bright (thanks to full-length window-walls dividing it and the outdoor patio), the performance area can be quite dark (and the lighting system on the stage leaves something to be desired).  The relatively large, relatively low stage is across from the partition, with the soundboard to the house-right.

A very recent venue, Littlefield feels like something of a cross between its two closest neighbors on Fifth Avenue, Union Hall & Southpaw.  Sized somewhere between the two, the ground-level venue space like Southpaw, but Littlefield is as clean & nice as Union Hall.  It unfortunately doesn’t have the established history of either venue, to make up for its rather distant Park Slope location, so bats rather below its weight, considering its size – worse than the much smaller Bowery area venues such as Cake Shop or Piano’s.  However, it did hold the 2009 After the Jump Fest, and hopefully can build in the future.

Capacity: 200 (performance space), 50 (bar), 250 (combined, with partition moved)



622 DeGraw Street (between Third & Fourth Avenues)

By Subway:

D, N & R trains to Union Street – walk two blocks north, turn left on DeGraw Street
B, D, N, Q, R, 2, 3, 4, & 5 trains to Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street – walk eight blocks south on 4th Ave, turn right on far side of DeGraw Street
D, F, G, N & R trains to 4th Avenue – walk fourteen blocks north on 4th Avenue, turn left on DeGraw Street

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