Les Savy Fav – Oui, LSF

Les Savy Fav's 'Oui, LSF' brings some of their best accessible art-rock ever....
Les Savy Fav : Oui, LSF
7.8 Frenchkiss
Les Savy Fav : Oui, LSF

Way back in the late aughts, Les Savy Fav was the New York wild live act, with frontman Tim Harrington shedding clothes & inhibitions at their notorious shows. If the recorded material didn’t quite match, that was fine. But then the group seemingly disappeared, rockers having to get real jobs – two members, bassist Syd Butler and guitarist Seth Jabour, are in the 8G Band of Late Night with Seth Meyers. Any return would be met with questions of whether they were still wild, which Harrington has proved that they are (QRO 2021 photos). And Oui, LSF brings some of their best accessible art-rock ever.

At fourteen tracks, Oui is overstuffed, but what do you expect after so many years? And the group has come back with a honed art-punk sound, from the crushing opener “Guzzle Blood” to the journey “World Got Great” to close. There’s the ironic call-out “What We Don’t Don’t Want”, followed by the mocking single “Legendary Tippers” (QRO review). Yet there’s also the distant, wistful “Somebody Needs a Hug”, and the darkness of “Limo Scene”.

It’s not the naughty aughties anymore, and you’re either too old to go wild or too young to have gone wild back then. But even if you can’t make it out to get sprayed at a Les Savy Fav show, definitely check out their fine Oui, LSF.

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