Laura Marling

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Laura Marling


At the tender age of just 20 years, Laura Marling has already become an international superstar.  Not for her rock star antics or Disney-like pop like so many her age, but instead for her delicate, soulful songs far beyond her years which have taken the world by storm.

Hailing from England, Marling first reached major stardom with chart topping Alas, I Cannot Swim in the U.K., with huge amounts of recognition for her songwriting ability and raw talent.  Soon, this spread overseas, and on a full U.S. tour, Marling has been met by an astonishing, very special reception and the show at Buffalo’s Soundlab on Sunday, May 9th was no exception.

A silent excitement and steady buzz filled the room, with Marling already capturing the hearts of many through her music, and in anticipation of her presence, it was clear to see that many had been waiting for some time for Marling to hit the states as growing interest increasingly surrounds this charming young lady.  Hitting the stage, Laura Marling’s youth shone through, fresh faced and awkward, adding to her English charm.  Even so, despite her onstage awkwardness, each song was played to perfection – whether it was a soft, solo acoustic track or a more bolshy powerful song with backing, showing herself to be a greatly competent guitar player as well as singer songwriter.  With a natural talent for timing, pitch and crafting a sound easy on the ears, Laura was additionally joined throughout the set by various musicians, a keyboardist, cellist, drums, bass, and even including a guest appearance from a member of Mumford & Sons, who have also recently made it big in the U.K., and who have also toured together with Ms. Marling, last year.  Regardless of song, Marling’s angelic voice shone through, showing the raw versatility of her talent, and despite the fragility of her appearance, and often purposefully her voice, Marling captured each droplet of each song as if it were intentionally crafted into a thing of beauty.

Laura MarlingSilence filled the room throughout Marling’s set, one could’ve heard a pin drop from the very back of the stage.  The audience was captivated, with each pitch perfect note resounding in the room.  Each song received an equal reception, whether charting song or unreleased track, and nor could one tell which track fell into each category, for the amazingly consistent nature of Marling’s material.  One thing Marling may be incapable of is creating musical ‘filler’, only a compliment to herself.

Laura MarlingTeamed with Laura’s off beat quirky sense of humour (or perhaps simply her ‘British-isms’) Marling kept the crowd wanting more, and despite playing a lengthy set with a range of material, the crowd wanted more.  There is no doubt that this talented young woman will be in the limelight for sometime more, with a real justification and a earned, solid fanbase championing the Laura love.

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