Land of Talk – Life After Youth

We’re all getting older – if we only could age like Land of Talk…...
Land of Talk : Life After Youth
8.3 Saddle Creek

Land of Talk : Life After YouthThere are artists that you think are going to break through big-time, that you’re surprised haven’t broken through big-time, that disappear & you wish would come back big-time. Land of Talk is one of those artists. Elizabeth Powell has been amazing since her debut EP Applause Cheer Boo Hiss (QRO review), but not only did she not blow up big-time like QRO thought/hoped (QRO early live review), she seemingly retired from music after enduring vocal polyps.

Which is why it’s so great to have her & Land of Talk back with Life After Youth, which manages to grow and stay great.

Powell’s music has always relied on her vocal prowess and indie presence. That comes through in relaxed and wistful ways in the opener “Yes You Were” and the resigned sadness “Spiritual Intimidation”. But there’s also times when it’s pressing, like single “This Time” (QRO single review), the pressingly sweet alt-rock “Heartcore”, and the pressing beauty “World Made”.

Life After Youth does lean more towards Powell’s sadder loss side than her earlier, more gritting attacks. But we’re all getting older – if we only could age like Land of Talk…

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