Jake Bugg : Jake Bugg

This isn’t your generic run off the mill chart topping sound....
Jake Bugg : Jake Bugg
9.0 Mercury

Jake Bugg : Jake BuggThis isn’t your generic run off the mill chart topping sound, and although some say that Jake Bugg is a manufactured sound to follow the likes of Ed Sheeran, there is still no defying that this kid has talent at the tender young age of 19.  Bugg certainly differs from other teenagers his age as, despite his friends’ comments, appraisals and urges to enter famous television talent programs such as Britain’s Got Talent, he refused.  Instead he chose to do small gigs in and around his hometown in Nottingham and London, where he was discovered by a music label.

On first hearing, Bugg’s voice is reminiscent of the music culture he is influenced by, Bob Dylan, Donovan, Johnny Cash, Oasis, Jimi Hendrix and the Arctic Monkeys, yet manages to conjure up an image of a time when vinyl records were still in regular use.  They’re easy listening songs with that authentic Indie sound, which mixes up the rest of the more generic sounds usually within the charts.

“Lightning Bolt” is exactly that, a bolt of musical genius that stormed the charts and has everyone on their feet or singing along as soon as that starting riff hit their ear drums.  It’s a fantastic track with fantastic vocals and lyrics that will be stuck in your head for days.

The rest of his album follows in similar vein, a mixture of fast paced songs to rival the very first track and hit single, and slower tracks that will have you looking into the lyrics for that deeper meaning that can be seen to emanate from Bugg’s own life and experience growing up in a small estate – most prominent in “Two Fingers” and “Seen it All”.

Hopefully this will be an inspiration for other artists to insert the same value of authenticity into the charts some more with their own music.

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