Jack’s Mannequin & Motion City Soundtrack

<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/jacksmannequinoct12.jpg" alt="Jack's Mannequin & Motion City Soundtrack : Live" />Jack's Mannequin & Motion City Soundtrack came to Long Island. ...
Jack's Mannequin & Motion City Soundtrack : Live
Jack's Mannequin

There is no more of an embarrassing period in a young adult’s life than high school.  Most cliques, fashion, movies and music – most of which were spoon-fed to us, barely make it with us to our teens.  Of course, what music we do keep with us ends up being gems that withstand the test of time.

Several years later, on October 12th, two of these timeless bands shared the stage at The Paramount (QRO venue review) in Huntington, NY: Motion City Soundtrack and Jack’s Mannequin.

I first discovered Motion City Soundtrack upon a suggestion from a cashier in a record shop.  That album was I Am The Movie, the band’s debut.  It took me a solid month or so to get myself to play past the first three tracks.  I would go on to have a similar reaction to Even If It Kills Me, My Dinosaur Life, and arguably one of my favorite pop-punk albums to date, Commit This To Memory.

As smoothly as Andrew McMahon made a transition from Something Corporate to Jack’s Mannequin, I made a similar transition.  I just followed McMahon from band-to-band.  Although their debut Everything in Transit still stands as my favourite Jack’s Mannequin album, the newest feat People and Things proves that McMahon and co. know exactly how to write a successful album.

Heading into The Paramount, I was hesitant of both bands’ live shows.  I have seen both Motion City Soundtrack and Jack’s Mannequin perform before.  Every live set I saw by these bands was during the summer and outdoors (Warped Tour, Bamboozle, college spring flings, etc.).  The Paramount show was my first experience of each band with four walls and a ceiling.  Assuming that the groups fed off of solar energy, adrenaline and summertime vibes, I anticipated a more lax environment.

I love being proven wrong.  Both Motion City Soundtrack and Jack’s Mannequin dished out everything they had for the Long Islanders in attendance.

Motion City Soundtrack gave a barrage of up-beat, high tempo songs that allowed everyone to shake the mid-week blues and showcased the success of the band’s discography.  I noticed from the get-go that the band continued to play exponentially better than previous years I had seen them and the band could only get better from there.

Jack’s Mannequin headlined the entire show, with Andrew’s piano (adorned with Christmas lights) front and center.  For only the second time in any concert I attended, I noticed that every fan in the room knew every word to every song.  Towards the end of the night, voices grew hoarse and bodies grew tired from the high energy and intimate tracks.

The two bands end their tour in Dallas this weekend.  Jack’s Mannequin will continue to tour west from there.

Set list

The Mixed Tape
Annie Use Your Telescope
Release Me
Holiday From Real
Amelia Jean
Hey Hey Hey (We’re All Gonna Die)
Amy, I
Kill the Messenger
Restless Dream (acoustic)
My Racing Thoughts
The Resolution
Dark Blue
Hammers and Strings
La La Lie

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