Indie Rock’s Best Drummers

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Indie Rock's Best Drummers


Indie rock has some amazing talent, drummers not to be excluded.  Unfortunately, they’re generally ignored when it comes to press and credit.  Some of them function as their entire percussion sections, most drive the rhythms, and a few even do more than that.  Here’s a list of some of the most essential drummers to the indie world of rock and why:

(in no particular order)

My Morning Jacket’s Patrick Hallahan
When he rocks out, his massive hair flows like a waterfall.   On MMJ’s more emphatic anthems, he can drum heavy and fast, while staying involved and intricate on the slower tunes.  Big sound from a big dude.

!!!’s John Pugh
A major force behind !!!’s amazingly affecting dance-funk sound.  Faster than a bullet and groovier than a goldfish in a glass disco boot.

The Flaming Lips’ Stephen Drozd
Helping to keep one of indie’s freshest bands their ultra-freshest, Drozd has been crucial to the Lips’ longevity.  Whether the lips are being fun, artsy, or spacey, he can do it all.

TV On the Radio’s Jaleel Bunton
Giving TVOTR’s art-rock that essential power through tricked-out rock rhythms and brilliant hip-hop rhythms.

Caribou’s Dan Snaith
Unassuming sound and rhythm master for Manitoba, now Caribou.  Multi-talented and prolific at the same time.

The Walkmen’s Matt Barrick
Mighty Mouse personified.  Other than Hamilton Leithauser’s scratchy vocals and their ghostly piano, Barrick’s drums are The Walkmen’s signature sound.

The Notwist’s Mecki Messerschmidt
Artistic and eccentric, Mecki has contributed a ton of different rhythms (both electronic and organic) to The Notwist’s impressive catalog.

The Raconteurs/The Greenhornes’ Patrick Keeler
Keeping the “raw” in “rawk”, Keeler has helped fuel the Midwest’s new rock explosion with fiery drumming essential to the movement’s sound.

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