Harvest of Hope 2010 Preview

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Harvest of Hope 2010 Preview


FRIDAY, 3/12


Dr. Dog, 10:00 PM

Harvest is stretching into jam-festival territory with Philadelphia’s Dr. Dog (QRO photos), who have become a festival regular (QRO photos at a festival) since 2008’s commercial breakthrough Fate (QRO review) launched them into headlining status.  Unfortunately, Fate wasn’t any good, but Dr. Dog make a lot of people happy live, especially outdoors (QRO live review outdoors at a festival), so expect the ‘sweetness’, along with new material from next month’s Shame, Shame.

Dr. Dog

Rogue Wave, 8:45 PM

Out of the dot-com bust came newly unemployed Zach Schwartz’s (a.k.a. ‘Zach Rogue’) Rogue Wave.  The band has endured serious lows, like the death of former bassist Evan Farrell shortly after leaving the band, to drummer Pat Spurgeon’s struggles with kidney disease, but also highs, from the breakthrough success of single “Publish My Love” to 2007’s Asleep At Heaven’s Gate (QRO review).  New record Permalight came out the right before Harvest, so expect new material alongside older songs like “California” (QRO video) and “Ghost” (QRO video).

Rogue Wave

Delta Spirit, 7:30 PM

Out of San Diego comes the indie-Americana/soul of Delta Spirit, touring in the run-up to the May release of History From Below, the follow-up to 2008 debut Ode To Sunshine.

Delta Spirit

Portugal. The Man, 6:25 PM

This West Coast draws from far up its shore with Alaska’s Portugal. The Man.  The rambling grunge outfit garnered new fans with 2007 sophomore release Church Mouth (QRO review), and its unhinged alt-rock, though slipped somewhat with last year’s The Satanic Satanist, but have got a new one, American Ghetto, out right before Harvest.

Portugal. The Man

Port O’Brien, 5:30 PM

Indie-acoustic act Port O’Brien have garnered some notable fans, such as Nada Surf (QRO album review), Conor Oberst (QRO live review), and M. Ward (QRO album review), who called the California outfit “his favorite new band”.  So go see if they live up to alt-folk praise, as they hit Harvest while on tour with fellows in-a-storm, Portugal. The Man (see above).

Port O'Brien

Cymbals Eat Guitars, 4:40 PM

Staten Island’s Cymbals Eat Guitars (QRO photos) just broke out, thanks to last year’s Why There Are Mountains (QRO review), and an electric live show (QRO live review) that even outshines their Brooklyn brethren – especially outdoors (QRO photos outdoors at a festival).

Cymbals Eat Guitars

Bear In Heaven, 3:50 PM

Brooklyn band Bear In Heaven (QRO photos) first got notice in 2007 with Red Bloom of the Boom (QRO review), and kept it going with last year’s Beast Rest Forth Mouth (QRO review), now hitting up Harvest of Hope while on tour with Cymbals Eat Guitars (see above).

Bear In Heaven

James Husband, 3:00 PM

While still best known as the drummer for of Montreal (QRO live review), James Husband (QRO photos) has been making his own name with his own band, his debut, A Parallax I, and strong festival presence (QRO photos at a festival).

James Husband



Dead Prez, 10:20 PM

Bringing some hip-hop to Harvest is Dead Prez.  But stic.man & M-1’s political-charged, “somewhere between N.W.A. & Public Enemy” sound fits right in with the politically minded Harvest.

Dead Prez

Chali 2na, 9:15 PM

Charlie Stewart – Chali 2na – has been a high-profile member of such outfits as Ozomatli & Jurassic 5, which combined world & alternative to hip-hop, but now he’s working on his own, with last year’s Fish Outta Water.

Chali 2na

Black Sheep, 8:15 PM


Dr. Octagon AKA Kool Keith, 7:05 PM

The Bronx’s Kool Keith has rapped under a variety of further pseudonyms, with the best known being Dr. Octagon and Dr. Dooom, most recently with sequel records The Return of Dr. Octagon and Dr. Dooom 2 – and now the twin sides face off against each other in his/their return to Harvest.

Kool Keith

Japanther, 6:00 PM

While Brooklyn’s Japanther (QRO photos) are best known for their wild live shows, they’ve also got a more serious side, especially in their efforts for environmental causes.  Expect both sides of Japanther (QRO photos) at the wild & serious Harvest, as well as new material from this month’s new release, Rock ‘n’ Roll Ice Cream.


Past Lives, 5:05 PM 


Freelance Whales, 4:10 PM

Also on that Guitars/Heaven (see above) tour is multi-instrumentalist alt-folksters Freelance Whales (QRO photos) – but maybe they should be the headliners, judging from their packed shows (QRO photos) and blowin’ up status, in the run-up to highly anticipated debut Weathervanes, out the Tuesday after Harvest, with songs like “The Great Estates” (QRO video).


YelaWolf, 3:15 PM

Freelance Whales



Gatorface, 10:35 PM

Dear Landlord, 9:50 PM 

How Dare You, 9:10 PM

Blacklist Royals, 8:30 PM 

Anchor Arms, 7:50 PM

New Bruises, 7:10 PM 

We Are the Union, 6:30 PM

the Attack!, 5:50 PM 

Yardwork, 5:10 PM

Sloane Peterson, 4:30 PM


Avi Buffalo, 3:45 PM

Long Beach’s Avi Buffalo (QRO photos at a festival) may be less than a year removed from high school, but their falsetto sound has already got people’s attention, sharing a stage (but lower on the bill) than many less-known acts.

Avi Buffalo


The Dig, 3:00 PM

New York’s The Dig (QRO photos) have been building and building, thanks to a kick-ass live show (QRO live review), including such gritty songs as the new “Shadow” (QRO video) and the old “She’s Gonna Kill That Boy” (QRO video).  They’re coming out with debut full-length Electric Toys next month – catch The Dig (QRO photos at a festival) before they get big (QRO live review)!

The Dig



Asshole Parade, 10:15 PM


DJ Wes Reed, 9:25 PM

Savage Brewtality, 9:30 PM                                   

Conversion, 7:45 PM
Worn in Red, 8:50 PM Willie Evans Jr., 6:45 PM
Capsule, 8:10 PM Pete Locke, 5:45 PM
the Future Now, 7:30 PM DJ Triclops I (HIP HOP HELL), 4:05 PM
New Bruises, 7:10 PM D.P. 3:15 PM
Ex-Boogeyman, 6:50 PM  

Tubers, 6:10 PM

Shellshag, 5:30 PM

Street Eaters, 4:50 PM

Cutman, 4:05 PM

Scum of the Earth, 3:15 PM







Senses Fail, 10:15 PM

New Jersey post-hardcore band Senses Fail have been active on the road (QRO photos at a festival) and in the studio, having just started their latest this January.

Senses Fail

High on Fire, 8:45 PM

Matt Pike, guitarist for the influential ‘stoner doom metal’ band Sleep (which has recently reunited) went on to form Oakland’s High on Fire, and they recently toured as part of the ‘Adult Swim Presents Tour’, along with putting out their latest, Snakes For the Divine.

High on Fire

Anvil, 7:30 PM

Sometimes, your heavy metal dreams come true. Canada’s Anvil started nearly forty (!) years ago, influencing the likes of Slayer and Metallica (QRO photos) – and guitarist Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow declined an offer to play guitar for Motörhead (QRO photos), but label and management issues plagued the band, who never made it higher than #191 on the Billboard Top 200.

But the band persevered through it all, including playing gigs “where there’s no one there”, and finally received their due thanks to 2008 documentary Anvil! The Story of Anvil, which saw them play everywhere from Japan to Conan, and with the likes of Slash & Anthrax.  They’re currently working on their first post-Story record, Juggernaut of Justice, and are still challenging drummer Robb Reiner’s namesake’s claim that Spinal Tap is “the loudest band in the world.”


Torche, 6:15 PM

Miami’s Torche have always toured hard, and 2008’s Meanderthal was rated #1 on Decibel Magazine’s “Most Extreme Albums of the Year”.  And the metal act is continuing on, even after last year’s departure of guitarist Juan Montoya over “creative differences”…


7 Seconds, 5:00 PM

Reno, Nevada’s 7 Seconds helped start the straight edge scene in the eighties.  Their shift to more complex music wasn’t well received, and they’ve since moved back to their bread & butter punk rock.

7 Seconds

Anti-Flag, 3:45 PM

Steel City punks Anti-Flag (QRO photos at a festival) have left the major labels behind for last year’s The People Or the Gun, but have kept up their activism – the band attempted to put on an anti-G20 show when the world leaders forum came to their native Pittsburgh, only for it to be closed down due to massive police presence in the city (and lack of parking).  But maybe that was for the best, as it’ll just be a year removed from singer/guitarist Justin Sane broke his collarbone when he leaped from stage to crowd to stop a fight…


Strike Anywhere, 2:30 PM

‘Melodic hardcore’ would seem to be an oxymoron, but Richmond, Virginia’s Strike Anywhere have been doing it this whole decade.  While they initially gained fame from appearances in Tony Hawk skateboarding video games, they’ve since worked the international festival circuit, including last year’s Harvest.

Strike Anywhere

Dead To Me, 1:15 PM

Where Jason Dalrymple (Swingin’ Utters, One Man Army) disappointed in his Dead To Me debut, 2006’s Cuban Ballerina, the following Little Brother EP (QRO review) showed real promise.  And if last year’s African Elephants (QRO review) didn’t quite live up to that promise, the San Fran punk is still more interesting than most.


A Wilhelm Scream, 12:15 PM

Protagonist, 11:15 AM

Dead To Me



Billy Bragg, 9:45 PM

England’s Billy Bragg has been mixing folk & punk about as long as the latter has existed, crafted into protest material.  He’s worked with everyone from Wilco (QRO live review) – putting folk legend Woody Guthrie’s unrecorded lyrics to music in Mermaid Avenue & Mermaid Avenue Vol. II – to Gainesville, Florida’s (and Harvest 09’s) own Less Than Jake (QRO interview) for “The Brightest Bulb Has Burner Out” on 2004’s Rock Against Bush.  Lately, he’s been making trouble in his native Great Britain, including advocating Scottish independence and English socialist patriotism, tactical voting, and withholding payment of income tax over bank bailouts.

In short, the perfect artist to headline Harvest of Hope.

Billy Bragg

The Mountain Goats, 8:15 PM

John Darnielle has been a prolific producer for near two decades now under The Mountain Goats (QRO photos) moniker, including 2008’s Heretic Pride (QRO review) and last year’s pseudo-biblically-inspired The Life of the World To Come (QRO review).  And he’s bringing his enjoyable live show (QRO live review) back to Harvest for a second year, with both new material like “Hebrew 11:40” (QRO video) and old such as “This Year” (QRO video).

Mountain Goats

Kimya Dawson, 7:00 PM

Kimya Dawson’s work, both solo and as part of her former duo with Adam Green, The Moldy Peaches, helped break anti-folk into the popular conscience when featured on the soundtrack for Juno, which reached #1 on the Billboard charts, home skillet.  The K Records artist has stayed busy, both on her own, and in collaboration with other solo artists such as The Mountain Goats (see above), Jenny Lewis (QRO live review), & Regina Spektor (QRO live review).

Kimya Dawson

Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, 5:45 PM

The Reverend Peyton and his Big Damn Band (QRO photos) channel pre-WWII country-blues, and have played everything from blues festivals to Vans Warped Tour (QRO 2009 Highlights) to a gig as the house band on a Jerry Springer Pay-Per-View special.

Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band

Hollow Paw, 4:30 PM 


The Mercury Program, 3:15 PM

Florida’s post-rock Mercury Program returned late last year, after a lengthy hiatus, with Chez Viking, and now are finally hitting the road.

The Mercury Program

Signal (ex-Mai Shi), 2:00 PM


Fin Fang Foom, 12:45 PM

Chapel Hill’s Fin Fang Foom put together epic tragedy, most recently with last year’s Monomyth, their first new album in six years.


Weatherbox, 11:30 AM

Fin Fang Foom



BLORR, 10:35 PM

Sunbears, 9:50 PM 

Antarctic, 9:00 PM

The Beauvilles, 8:15 PM 

Mumpsy, 7:30 PM

Ninja Gun, 6:50 PM


Look Mexico, 6:10 PM

Tallahassee gets in on the act as indie-rockers Look Mexico hit up Harvest of Hope, for a second time, near the end of their east & south tour leading up to the release of sophomore record, To Bed To Battle.

O’Pioneers, 5:30 PM

Austin Lucas, 4:50 PM

Yesterday’s Ring, 4:10 PM

Low Red Land, 3:30 PM

Ben Davis & The Jett$, 2:50 PM

No More, 2:10 PM

Towers of Hanoi, 1:30 PM

The Pauses, 12:50 PM

Shawn Fisher & The JG’s, 12:10 PM

Lighthouse Music, 11:20 AM

Look Mexico



The Slow Death (ex-Pretty Boy Thomas), 10:20 PM

The Casting Out, 9:30 PM

Leatherface, 8:40 PM

Cobra Skulls, 7:55 PM


Smoke or Fire, 7:10 PM

Richmond, Virginia gets more than its fair share of representation at Harvest, including the town’s many-named adoptees Smoke Or Fire (who had to modify their original name, ‘Jericho’, because a seventies Christian rock band from Houston had claimed it – only to have southern conservatives to force them to change ‘Jericho RVA’ entirely…), who are returning to Harvest after an acoustic set last year.

Panthro UK United 13, 6:30 PM

Cheap Girls, 5:50 PM

Tiltwheel, 5:10 PM

Lemuria, 4:30 PM

Smoke Or Fire

Virgins, 3:50 PM

The hard rock/blues band’s MySpace page says, “Still not that crappy disco band from New York!” – who (QRO photos) were supposed to play Harvest last year, but backed out.  That meant the real Virgins could drop the “(FL)” when they played the festival last year – and this.

The Measure (SA), 3:10 PM

The Tim Version, 2:30 PM

Good Luck, 1:50 PM

Dan Padilla, 1:10 PM

Too Many Daves, 12:30 PM

Bent Left, 11:50 AM

Barnaby Jones, 11:10 AM




Paper & Plastic/No Idea Acoustic Showcase, 7:50 PM

Paleface, 7:10 PM

Paul Baribeau, 6:50 PM

Angelo Spencer et lau Hauts Sommets, 5:50 PM

David Rovics, 5:10 PM

Mike Hale, 4:30 PM

Kevin Seconds, 3:50 PM

Christina Wagner, 3:10 PM

Yula & The Extended Family, 2:30 PM

KIDS MATINEE: Kimya Dawson & Friends, 11:30 AM



SUNDAY, 3/14


Broken Social Scene, 8:40 PM

Since being part of the indie-rock ‘Canadian Invasion’ of 2003/2004, Toronto’s Broken Social Scene have also become one of the most sought-after festival bands in the alternative music arena, whether indoors at industry showcases (QRO photos at a festival) or outdoors at more traditional fests (QRO photos outdoors at a festival).  Fronted by singer/guitarists Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning (QRO interview), this giant collective includes The Apostle of Hustle, Andrew Whiteman (QRO interview), Do Make Say Think’s Charles Spearin (QRO interview), and a rotating female vocalist spot that’s included Metric’s Emily Haines (QRO live review), Leslie Feist (QRO live review), and Land of Talk’s Elizabeth Powell (QRO interview).  While their most recent releases were ‘BSS Presents:’ records focused on Drew (Something For All of Us…QRO review) and Canning (Spirit If…QRO review), the upcoming new record is a return to the Broken Social Scene (QRO photos outdoors at a festival), and their live show (QRO live review) includes everything from Spearin’s fascinating Happiness Project (QRO review) to the old ‘hits’ like “K.C. Accidental” (QRO video) and “Fire Eyed Boy” (QRO video).  BSS were supposed to play the inaugural Harvest last year, before their entire Florida tour was canned, but now they’re making up for lost time.

Broken Social Scene

Man Man 7:25 PM

There might not be a wilder band – live (QRO live review) or on record (QRO album review) – than Philadelphia’s Man Man. The self-described ‘Viking-vaudeville’ collective (QRO photos at a festival) bring a powerful percussion and more, setting up right at the lip of the stage, dressed in tennis whites and war paint, with more instruments than you can throw a stick at.   And things only get crazier outside… (QRO photos outdoors) – especially at a festival (QRO photos at a festival ).

Man Man

Kid Sister, 6:10 PM

Chicago’s Melissa Young – a.k.a. Kid Sister – blew up in 2008 thanks to “Pro Nails” (featuring a not-yet-disgraced – mostly – Kanye West), and has followed that up last year with her debut full-length, Ultraviolet.

Kid Sister

Mucca Pazza, 4:55 PM

The self-described ‘circus punk marching band’ Mucca Pazza (QRO photos) is a thirty (!)-piece outfit who have become festival favorites.

Mucca Pazza

Matt Pond PA, 3:40 PM

They say northern Florida is really the most southern part of the South, and if that’s the case, then Matt Pond PA will find a warm welcome (despite being from ‘PA’).  His alt-country/rock is perfectly suited for the flyover states, as well as an engaging live show (QRO live review).  He’s out with The Dark Leaves the following month, his first since 2008’s actually free The Freeep (QRO review), so expect new material as well as standards from his lengthy discography, such as “People Have a Way” (QRO video) off of 2007’s Last Light (QRO review).

Matt Pond PA

Sea Wolf, 2:25 PM

Out of Los Angeles’ prolific Silver Lake music scene came Alex Brown Church, a.k.a. Sea Wolf, who got real notice in 2007 with debut full-length Leaves In the River.  He followed that up with a full band for last year’s fine alt-folk, White Water, White Bloom (QRO review).

Sea Wolf

Fruit Bats, 1:15 PM

Singer/guitarist/pianist Eric Johnson may be best known these days for being part of indie-rock hits The Shins (QRO live review, with Johnson), but for over a decade he’s had his own folk-rock outfit, Fruit Bats, who put out their fourth record, The Ruminant Band, last year.

Fruit Bats

Danielson, 12:05 PM

Rutgers’ Daniel Smith has somehow squared the circle of being ‘indie Christian’.  He & his ‘Danielson Familie’ (which includes many actual siblings) make a sort of indie-pop/gospel, highlighted by Smith’s squeaky falsetto and, on stage, matching nurse uniforms.


Gringo Star, 11:10 AM

Watch out for the multi-talented seventies party that is Gringo Star (QRO photos). Hailing from nearby Atlanta, Gringo made a strong impression in 2008 with debut All Y’all (QRO review) and songs like the title track (QRO video) & “Holding On To Hate” (QRO video).  An even strong impression was made live (QRO live review) and at festivals (QRO photos at a festival), where seemingly everyone in the four-piece plays everything (QRO photos at a festival).  And they’re coming off the Florida ‘Harvest of Hope Tour’, promoting the festival (QRO interview, talking about the Harvest tour & festival).

Gringo Star



The Supervillains, 9:15 PM


Small Brown Bike

Marshall, Michigan’s Small Brown Bike double-vocalled post-hardcore broke up in 2004, only to reunite three years later, and last fall started working on their first post-reunion record.

Crimes In Stereo, 6:40 PM

The Loved Ones, 4:10 PM

Small Brown Bike

Off With Their Heads, 4:10 PM

Dead Confederate, 1:45 PM

Athens, Georgia’s Dead Confederate head just a little south for Harvest of Hope.  Too bad the southern hard rock on 2008’s debut, Wrecking Ball (QRO review), isn’t anything special.

Dead Confederate

Stars of Track and Field, 12:35 PM

Portland indie-pop three-piece Stars of Track and Field bring a fresher sound to Harvest of Hope.

Glint, 11:30 AM

Stars of Track & Field



Grabass Charlestons, 9:40 PM

Army of Ponch, 9:00 PM

FIYA, 8:15 PM 

The Riot Before, 7:30 PM

The Menzingers, 6:30 PM

The Wonder Years, 6:10 PM

Future Virgins, 5:30 PM

Algernon Cadawallader, 4:50 PM

Spanish Gamble, 4:10 PM

Premadonnasaurs, 3:30 PM

Liquid Limbs, 2:50 PM

American Cheeseburger, 2:10 PM

The Angst, 1:30 PM

Heads Held High, 12:50 PM

Starling Daggers, 12:10 PM

Devout, 11:25 AM




This Bike Is a Pipebomb, 9:25 PM

Hailing from just to the west in Pensacola, This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb has gone through many musical styles, including starting as a new wave band, before inflecting folk & country with punk roots.  Another politically oriented act at Harvest, expect them to speak up in their return to the festival.

forgetters, 8:50 PM

Defiance, Ohio, 7:55 PM

Whiskey & Co., 7:10 PM

The Takers, 6:30 PM

Andrew Jackson Jihad, 5:50 PM

 This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb

Bomb the Music Industry!, 5:10 PM

Jeff Rosenstock’s music collective is known for the DIY ethic, drawing upon a wide range influences.  On tour, they’d previously gone just as a duo, with Rosenstock backed up by Rick Johnson of ska-punkers Mustard Plug, but have since fleshed themselves out, including having played last year’s inaugural Harvest of Hope.

Chronic Youth, 4:30 PM

Nut Nut, 3:50 PM

Futurebirds, 3:10 PM

Ben & Vesper, 2:30 PM

Bomb the Music Industry!

Ortolan, 1:50 PM

South Jersey’s young, alt-folk, all-female Ortolan, on tour with Danielson (see above), come out with their debut, Time On a String, the week before Harvest.

Glorious Johnson, 1:10 PM

Slow Claw, 12:30 PM

The Cougs, 11:50 AM

Ornate Exchange, 11:10 AM




Phil & Ed Present HOH Foundation Friends Jam, 7:15 PM

Paper & Plastic/No Idea Acoustic Showcase, 4:45 PM

Jon Snodgrass, 4:10 PM

Corey Branan, 3:15 PM

The Ones To Blame, 2:35 PM

Cassette, 1:55 PM

Toby Foster, 1:15 PM

Rachel Goodrich, 12:35 PM

Itchy Hearts, 11:55 AM

Company Man, 11:15 AM



For festival website, go here: http://www.harvestofhopefest.com


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