Hangout 2023 Recap – Friday

The opening day of Gulf Shores, Alabama’s Hangout Fest was nothing short of a success...
Hangout 2023 Recap - Friday
Hangout 2023 Recap - Friday

The opening day of Gulf Shores, Alabama’s Hangout Fest on Friday, May 19th was nothing short of a success. I mean, with Red Hot Chili Peppers headlining, how does it get better? Before we got to RHCP, there were amazing performances by various artists, such as Gryffin, Rezz, Two Feet, Lil Nas X, Tove Lo, and even a DJ set from Rainbow Kitten Surprise member, Harleigh Colt.

Harleigh Colt

The weather was perfect and the vibes were just amazing, as it was very obvious that everyone was thrilled to be back at Hangout Fest again. People were laying by the pool, drinking, eating the amazing food offered, there were just smiles all around.

Tove Lo

We started out the day with Tove Lo, who gave a performance with immaculate vocals. Her outfit was also perfect for a summer festival, as she was dressed in chaps and a silver iridescent bodysuit. She had the whole audience dancing. Two Feet was giving tons of energy to the crowd which was only reciprocated by fans. Even though their music style is more electronic, they gave a more rock-show vibe with their performance, as their frontman played guitar and there was also a drummer playing live. They played their two massive songs, “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” and “Go **** Yourself” towards the end of their set, which had everyone in the crowd super excited.


Gryffin put on an epic, super cinematic set. He even got up on top of the DJ platform to play guitar at one point, and one can imagine he was feeling on top of the world during that moment. He played a good mix of other artist’s songs, as well as some of his own songs, along with having a ton of pyrotechnics. His live show was very impressive, as someone who had never seen him live before. Rezz was another artist who had a really good set, with the performance focusing more on the sound than the visuals. All the fans were having a great time and jumping around during the set.

Lil Nas X

Before Red Hot Chili Peppers took the stage, the audience was given an amazing, extremely cinematic performance by Lil Nas X on the Shein Stage. Lil Nas X had many props for his performance, including, but not limited to, a massive snake and giant horse for when he performed “Old Town Road”. He also had many backup dancers and played hit after hit, which the crowd went wild for.

Big Nas Snake
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Anthony Keidis


Red Hot Chili Peppers closed out the night with an outstanding set. They opened their set with “Around The World”, a song about how beautiful life is around the world, which hit a little different as it was played live on the beach. What a beautiful moment during their set. They played a lot of classic hits, but also added some newer released songs such as “Eddie” and “Tippa My Tongue”. They had a shorter setlist, and emphasized the hard curfew as they got to the end of their set, noting that they were only allotted a little over an hour and could not fit in as many songs as they wished. Bassist Flea was phenomenal as always, especially his bass solo, which was expected, as he is one of the most notable bassists of all time. Lead singer Anthony Keidis gave an amazing performance as well, even while being in a boot. After their set was over, a handwritten version of their setlist got posted to their Instagram, which was super cool to see. Their set closed out with fireworks over the beach before “Sweet Home Alabama” began playing, signifying the end of the day. Day One was definitely one for the books!

Red Hot Chili Peppers

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