Green Day – Saviors

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Green Day : Saviors
7.5 Reprise
Green Day : Saviors

Even as they’ve grown older over the years, the heart of Green Day hasn’t changed. They still deliver catchy pop-punk that appeals across the ages, if never to the connoisseurs. They’re a rare punk band that can headline stadiums (QRO live review in a stadium). They distinctly have politics, but more leaning towards how the lies & grind of the elite bring about apathy. This continues with Saviors.

Admittedly, more of an agit record than their last release, 2020’s Father of All Motherfuckers (QRO review), opener “The American Dream Is Killing Me” and “Living In the ‘20s” are beleaguered kiss-offs for today, not calls-to-arms for tomorrow. The group still know their way around some killer catchy pop-punk, such as the driving “Coma City” and fun tribute to punk “1981”. And at fifteen tracks, they also know their way around some filler, good-if-not-great Green Day songs that sound like many other good-if-not-great Green Day songs.

It is quite impressive that Green Day are still here, and still so big, where so many of their nineties alt-punk brethren have fallen by the wayside or faded. It’s still Green Day.

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