Fuck Buttons

<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/fuckbuttonsoct27.jpg" alt=" " />At their<span style="color: #221f20"> last date on home turf before they jet off for a U.S. tour, Heaven was buzzing with a real excitement for...

Fuck Buttons

Fuck Buttons played London’s Heaven the Tuesday night of October 27th with support from Clark and DJ Andrew Weatherall, following the recent release of their second album, Tarot Sport.  Widely anticipated, and their last date on home turf before they jet off for a U.S. tour, Heaven was buzzing with a real excitement before this troublesome twosome hit the stage.  Fuck Buttons’ eclectic elements were truly reflected in the mixed crowd, waiting for the presence of this noisy futuristic duo.

Benjamin John Power

As true visionaries, Fuck Buttons did not fail to blow any one in their presence away.  With a combination of raw dirty beats, melodic elements and the growls almost reminiscent of Chino Morino, Fuck Buttons did all to prove that they were truly transient of genre, with electronic blips, soaring beats, the blistered commanding beat of the drum and providing a pumping soundtrack to the night.

Andrew Hung

With a real sense of experimentalism, yet brilliantly executed in a strange sense of belonging, Fuck Buttons are not just some average indie kid’s noise band, with the exceptional closer “Sweet Love for Planet Earth” leaving that lasting thought.  They have a real sense of emotion and clarity, which works beyond a level of the average piece of house music.  It’s easy to see why this band has caused such excitement, and with comparisons to HEALTH (QRO photos), Holy Fuck (QRO album review) and Black Dice (QRO photos), forefront runners in pioneering this new movement in electronic music, it’s already evident to see from the responses Fuck Buttons have been getting that there is a lot of potential from this relatively new musical collective.  They may not put on a fancy show with big lights and fancy animation, but there is really no need.  The music simply speaks for itself.


a fuck buttonSet list

Surf Solar
Colours Move
Rough Steez
Bright Tomorrow
Phantom Limb
Space Mountain
Flight of the Feathered Serpent

Sweet Love for Planet Earth

Fuck Buttons

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