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A Multitude of Feelings in Calgary with Feist ...
Feist : Live
Feist : Live

A Multitude of Feelings in Calgary with Feist

The Palace Theatre in downtown Calgary was illuminated, with the marquee announcing the long-awaited return of Feist for back-to-back shows on Thursday & Friday, February 8th & 9th. Fans lined up early, braving the slushy snow-covered roads, but they didn’t mind the cold as they waited patiently for the doors to open.

As the clock struck 8:00, the stage was set with three acoustic guitars and a captivating backdrop displaying a live video feed. It was a video of someone meandering through the venue, pausing to admire the shoes and outfits of the gathered crowd. The mystery was soon resolved when Leslie Feist revealed herself as the person behind the camera, making her way to the stage. She greeted the audience warmly and turned the camera to showcase the eager crowd, setting the stage for what was heralded as “One of the Best Live Shows of the Year.” This event marked Feist’s highly anticipated return to Calgary, where fans were eager to experience Multitudes (QRO review), her first full-length project in six years. The concert promised a journey through a spectrum of emotions, reflecting the anticipation that had built up over time.

The evening commenced with “The Bad in Each Other”, a song from her new album that set the tone for the night. It was an exploration of the album’s creative journey, intertwined with stories from life and the COVID-19 pandemic. Feist created an intimate atmosphere, encouraging the audience during “Red Wing” to share their most cherished lockdown memories. These were collected on their phones and then projected onto the backdrop, transforming the space into a starlit ambiance. This segment, part of the first hour’s acoustic set, fostered a sense of deep, meaningful conversation covering the state of the world, music, and the essence of creativity and had us traverse a multitude of feelings throughout the night.

The concert took an exhilarating turn when a giant canvas sheet dramatically fell, revealing a full band poised to join Feist. This signalled the start of the live band segment, enhancing the show’s dynamic. Together, they performed a mix of well-loved songs like “My Moon My Man” and “How Come You Never Go There”, alongside several tracks from Multitudes.


A highlight of the evening was the revisitation of “1234”, a song that catapulted Feist into the limelight with the third-generation Apple iPod commercial. This moment, among others, contributed to the nostalgic atmosphere, enriching the two-hour concert experience.

Feist’s show in Calgary was more than a musical performance; it was an immersive journey through memories, emotions, and the collective experience of music. Her innovative approach to engaging with the audience, combined with the blend of acoustic and full band segments, solidified the concert as a memorable event, underscoring why it was indeed one of the best live shows of the year so far!


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