Elsewhere is located on 599 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, between Gardner and Scott Avenues. It opened in fall of 2017, with a rooftop that opened Memorial Day Weekend 2018. There...


Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul

Elsewhere is located on 599 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, between Gardner and Scott Avenues. It opened in fall of 2017, with a rooftop that opened Memorial Day Weekend 2018. There are three different rooms, a smaller Zone One on the ground floor, a larger Zone Two upstairs, and a rooftop space.

While unassuming on the outside, even industrial, inside Elsewhere gets classier, albeit it still largely concrete. Zone One is a relatively basic box with the entrance on the house-left back, bar on the house-left, and stage on the house-right front. Zone Two has an angled foyer (reminiscent of Bell House) leading to the main hall, which has a large, classy bar at the back, to the right of entering, more impressive than what one would expect this far into Brooklyn (but also without the low drink prices one might also expect there). There is a lit up set of stairs on the house-left going up to the gender-neutral bathroom (all stalls). The rather large soundboard is somewhat awkwardly in the middle of the crowd area, but the space is large enough, including a back that is raised with steps to the house-right, and a slope to the house-left, and the stage itself high enough that it doesn’t create too much of a problem.

Elsewhere pitches itself as a multi-purpose arts space, including the likes of art showings and poetry readings. The acts there do tend to lean more artsy, whether older instrumental acts or underground DJs, though has been expanding. The whole place isn’t as highbrow as it probably shoots for (the only wood seems to be behind the bar), but has already entered into the regular show-going conversation.

Capacity: 675 (hall), 200 (loft)



599 Johnson Avenue (between Gardner and Scott Avenues)

By Subway:

L train to Jefferson Street – walk one block northeast on Starr Street, one block west on St. Nicholas Avenue, three blocks north on Scott Avenue, turn right on north side of Johnson Avenue

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