Eels – Eels Time!

It's still lovely at 'Eels Time!'...
Eels : Eels Time!
7.7 PIAS
Eels : Eels Time!

Mark Oliver Everett, a.k.a. a Man Called E, a.k.a. Eels, has had many guises in his long music career, but more recently he’s been stripping down his sound to its sweetness & charm. While that can get a little bit similar track-to-track, it’s still lovely at Eels Time!

There are many reduced, restrained, acoustic & intimate songs on Time, starting with “Time” itself. All together on an album, they can at times feel a bit basic, but standouts shine through such as the wry “Goldy” and the loving confession “I Can’t Believe It’s True”. And there are a few where Everett shifts up his style, going nicely bigger with “If I’m Gonna Go Anywhere” and even orchestral for closer “Let’s Be Lucky”, not to mention the fuzzy kiss-off to the 9-5 office life in “Lay With the Lambs”.

It can be hard to keep up with Everett’s long career (QRO missed his last Eels record, 2022’s Extreme Witchcraft), but it’s always a nice time for Eels Time!

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