Editors – EBM

Editors go EDM on 'EBM', and do it fairly well....
Editors : EBM
7.6 PIAS
Editors : EBM

Since their Anglo New Wave breakout near the start of this century/millennium, Editors have sometimes let their ambition get the better of them, going for something new over their great, tried-and-true pressing emotion. They’ve leaned too hard into synths more than once, understandable in these days, but not what made them great in those days. Yet they’ve also been able to pull it off at other times. The band goes EDM on EBM, and do it fairly well.

Actually named after the more industrial Electronic Body Music of the eighties, EBM still has beats you might find in the club. But it also has the push that Editors are known for, not to mention their dark love. It all works best on the killer press of opener “Heart Attack”, the beats integrated better on such tracks as “Strawberry Lemonade” and “Educate”.

Not every Editors thumper is as memorable on EDM, and longtime fans might not like bringing in today’s beats (complaining about what the kids listen to these days…). But Editors are still pulling it off.

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