Django Django – Marble Skies

Django Django ride the indie-dance wave on their third full-length...
Django Django : Marble Skies
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Django Django : Marble Skies

In this second decade-we’ve-never-named of the twenty-first century, there has been a certain sort of English electronic music. It takes much of the pressure of mainstream EDM, but marries it with the feel of alternative music, from uncertainty and darkness to relax. There are synthesizers and guitars, not either/or. And it’s found success, not just in Britain but also around the world, in acts like the moody xx and others. Django Django lean brighter than that, but still ride the indie-dance wave on their third full-length, Marble Skies.

This comes through clearest on the opener & title track, great Anglo-pressure with just the right levels of synths & guitars. Synths are predominant in Django Django & Marble, but this is no EDM or neo-disco, though there are out-and-out dance-pop tracks such as the following “Surface to Air” (featuring Self-Esteem). From the relax in the country backbeat of “Further” to the brighter tropical sounds of closer “Fountains”, Marble is more upbeat than many dower English peers, but is not chest-thumping Ibiza.

Instead of music to listen to alone in the dark in your bedroom, or among the sweaty masses at a rave, Django Django craft skilled electronic music that can appeal to those crowds & more.

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