Counting Crows

The Counting Crows took the stage at Kansas City's own Starlight Theater, which was in fact lit by the stars that evening. ...
Counting Crows : Live
Counting Crows : Live

On Tuesday, July 31st, 2012, The Counting Crows took the stage at Kansas City’s own Starlight Theater, which was in fact lit by the stars at 9:20 that evening, when they began their set.

The initial impression was that the Crows would be in top form for the evening – a premonition that turned out to be accurate to a tee.  It is truly a thing of wonder to see such a large group of musicians switching out instruments so frequently, all the while still being able to adapt their line-up to emulate the sound they’ve become famous for.

Adam Duritz hasn’t forgotten how to sing, and at this rate it’s doubtful that he’ll ever lose his edge.  It takes a truly unique singer to be able to produce vocals that are both powerful and soulful, bordering on intimate.  One can assume that every person in the audience was under the impression that Mr. Duritz was singing directly to them.

Adam DuritzKacey Anderson, the first of three scheduled opening acts (QRO photos), received the honor of hearing The Counting Crows play one of his songs in their own set.  The song, titled “Like Teenage Gravity”, was one of the better performances of the evening, and had the audience singing along with it by the time it was through.

If you’re the kind of person that often thinks to yourself, “I don’t know anything about this band, but everyone says they put on a good show, so I’ll go see them,” don’t do that with The Counting Crows.  It’s true they can always be relied on for a fantastic performance, but theirs is the type of sound that can and will strike you as boring and monotonous if you don’t know their work.  In much the same way that a blues show is unbearable for a concertgoer who knows none of the songs.  See the Crows, but acquaint yourself with their sound first.

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