CMJ 2012 Day One Preview

<div> <a href="features/features/cmj_2012_day_one_preview/"><img src="" alt="CMJ 2012 Day One Preview" /></a> </div> <p> Day One of CMJ starts off with quantity but also some quality. </p> <p>   </p> ...
CMJ 2012 Day One Preview

Some notes on our preview:

Not only are all official music showcases listed, but so are unofficial ones – free or RSVP.  Shows are official unless otherwise indicated by "(unofficial)", "(free)", or "(RSVP)"; free & RSVP shows are unofficial unless otherwise indicated with "(official)".  Shows listed as "(official/RSVP)" require either a badge or RSVP, not both.
If only the start time is known, all bands listed under that start time.  Bands listed in order of appearance, or roughest guess/alphabetical order if not known.
* denotes that the venue is in the Bowery area of Manhattan.
# denotes that the venue is in Williamsburg area of Brooklyn.

(constantly updated as so much changes, right up to the start & even during CMJ)


CMJ used to be a Bowery-only event, but like everything else in NYC indie-rock, it’s been moving out to Brooklyn more & more these days, and not just Williamsburg, but up & down both sides of the East River:

View QRO Magazine CMJ Preview in a larger map

However, CMJ’s twin beating hearts are still in the Bowery & Williamsburg, so here’s closer maps of both area:

View QRO Magazine CMJ Preview in a larger map

View QRO Magazine CMJ Preview in a larger map


QRO Recommendation

Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery*  (free)
The Outlet Collective
3:00pm – The Next Great American Novelist
3:45pm – I Am Love
4:30pm – Heyward Howkins
5:15pm – Lisa Jaeggi
6:45pm – Matt Simons
7:30pm – Christine Hoberg
Living Room, 154 Ludlow St.*  (venue review)  (official/free)
Paper Garden Records
12:00pm – The City And Horses
1:00pm – Pree
Caddy Whompus2:00pm – Natureboy
3:00pm – Conveyor
4:00pm – Eli Mardock
5:00pm – Natureboy
Start CMJ early with Paper Garden Records.
Pianos, 158 Ludlow St.*  (venue review)  (free)
12:00pm – Stag
12:45pm – Yung Life
1:30pm – It’s Rain In My Face
2:15pm – Tjutjuna
3:00pm – Blue Hawaii
3:45pm – TOPS
4:30pm – Slow Magic
5:15pm – Mean Lady
6:00pm – Young Magic
6:45pm – Levek
Pianos (upstairs), 158 Ludlow St.*  (venue review)  (free)
What Blog?!
1:00pm – Cultfever
1:45pm – Yellow Red Sparks
2:30pm – Happy People
3:15pm – You Won’t
4:00pm – A Severe Joy
4:45pm – Royal Canoe
5:30pm – Friend Roulette
6:15pm – Dinowalrus
Spike Hill, 184 Bedford Ave.#  (venue review)  (official/free)
1:00pm – Datalog
2:00pm – Which Magic
Backwords3:00pm – Foxes in Fiction
4:00pm – Autodrone
285 Kent, 285 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn#
12:00am – MOD
12:00am – B. Lewis
12:00am – Bad Rabbits (DJ Set)
12:00am – Sonnymoon
Alphabet Lounge, 104 Avenue C
7:00pm – The D.A.
7:45pm – The Indecent
8:30pm – Danny Chait
9:15pm – Clementine and The Galaxy
10:00pm – Tubetops
Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton St.*  (venue review)
Easy Apple/Vinyl District/BBIB
7:30pm – Street Smells
8:15pm – The Midnight Hollow
9:00pm – Quilt
10:00pm – The Revivalists
11:00pm – Prince Rupert’s Drops
12:00am – Caddywhompus
B.B. King’s, 237 W. 42nd St.
8:00pm – Paul Collins
The Mountain Goats9:00pm – The English Beat
Oldies-but-goodies at B.B. King’s.
Best Buy Theater, 1515 Broadway
8:00pm – Vintage Trouble
9:00pm – Joss Stone
Joss Stone at CMJ?!?
Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey St.*  (venue review)
9:00pm – Matthew E. White
10:00pm – The Mountain Goats
John Darnielle’s Mountain Goats (QRO live review) comes on his Transcendental Youth tour.
Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery*
The Outlet Collective/Deli Mag
8:00pm – Wyatt
8:45pm – sami.the.great
9:30pm – Nightmare River Band
10:15pm – The Young Things
11:00pm – XNY
11:45pm – The Phuss
Bowery Electric (Map Room), 327 Bowery*  (official/free)
L Rock
8:15pm – Julia Weldon
9:00pm – Jon Sandler
9:45pm – Chris Ayer
10:30pm – Christina LaRocca
11:15pm – Ryan Martin
12:00am – Vinnie Ferra
Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Ave.#  (venue review)
Pledge Music/TuneCore/Relix Magazine
8:00pm – SHEL
9:00pm – The Infamous Stringdusters
Brownies, 169 Ave. A  (official/invite-only)
8:00pm – Beth Wawerna
9:00pm – Benjamin Gibbard
Death Cab for Cutie (QRO album review) frontman (and ex-Mr. Zooey Deschanel) Benjamin Gibbard (QRO solo photos) plays a special, invite-only show on his solo tour behind his new Former Lives (QRO review).
Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow St.*  (venue review)
Benjamin Gibbard8:00pm – Future Screens
9:00pm – Ducky
10:00pm – Young Evils
11:00pm – Math. The Band
12:00am – White Gallery
Cameo, 93 North 6th St.#  (venue review)
7:00pm – Heavenly Beat
8:00pm – Mood Rings
9:00pm – Moon King
10:00pm – Roomrunner
11:00pm – Metz
12:00am – Chrome Canyon
CMJ Union, 27 Union Square West  (official/RSVP)
Bureau Export
9:00pm – We Were Evergreen
10:00pm – Bertrand Burgalat
11:00pm – Yann Wagner
12:00am – Khadafi Dub
The Delancey, 168 Delancey St.*
The Deli Mag
7:15pm – backwords
8:00pm – John Delore
8:50pm – Town Hall
9:40pm – Swear and Shake
10:30pm – Blonds
11:20pm – Laura Stevenson and the Cans
12:10am – Everest Cale
1:00am – The Bottom Dollars
The Delancey (upstairs), 168 Delancey St.*  (official/free)
The Deli Mag
7:00pm – Union Street Preservation Society
7:45pm – Dust Engineers
8:30pm – Shakey Graves
9:15pm – Plume Giant
10:00pm – JP & the Gilberts
Ava Luna10:45pm – XNY
Don Pedro’s, 1865 2nd Ave.
9:00pm – Baddasseries
10:00pm – Juniper Rising
11:00pm – Foster Care
12:00am – Courtney + The Crushers
DROM, 85 Ave. A  (venue review)
Couch Sessions
8:30pm – DJ Run P
9:10pm – Misun
9:30pm – Bianca Raquel
9:55pm – Sza
10:20pm – Bryan Ellis with Soundwave
10:45pm – Cheers Elephant
11:10pm – Sene & Denitia
11:30pm – Dee Goodz
11:45pm – The KickDrums & Dee Goodz
11:50pm – The KickDrums
12:15am – Tiron & Ayomari
12:40am – Ava Luna
Fat Baby, 112 Rivington St.*
8:00pm – The Dead Ships
9:00pm – Idgy Dean
10:00pm – Big Scary
11:00pm – Find Vienna
12:00am – Dance for the Dying
Fontana’s, 105 Eldridge St.  (venue review)
Johnny Cragg
7:00pm – Capelle
7:45pm – The TV Club
8:30pm – Optic Yellow Felt
9:15pm – Live Footage
10:00pm – The Raw Men Empire
10:45pm – Gentlemen Hall
11:30pm – Dirty Fences
The Postelles12:15am – The Netherlands
12:45am – Harris Trucks
Glasslands, 289 Kent Ave.#  (venue review)
Terrible Records
8:00pm – Regal Degal
8:00pm – Kirin J Callinan
8:30pm – LE1F
Gramercy Theatre, 127 E. 23rd St.  (venue review)
7:00pm – Septicflesh
7:00pm – Krisiun
7:00pm – Ex Deo
7:00pm – Melechesh
7:00pm – Inquisition
Grand Victory, 245 Grand St
Fat Kid Booking
7:00pm – Young Ladies
7:00pm – The David Liebe Hart Band with Glocca Morra
7:00pm – The Scandals
Greene Space, 44 Charlton St.
7:00pm – Dave Hill

Idle Hands, 25 Ave. B  (RSVP)

Thrill Call/No One You Know Productions
8:45pm – Wooly & The Mammoth
9:15pm – Brendan Rivera
9:45pm – The Assembly Line
10:15pm – American Authors
10:45pm – Socratic
11:15pm – Vinne Caruana
Irving Plaza, 17 Irving Place  (venue review)
7:00pm – Double Negative
8:00pm – The Spits
8:00pm – OFF!
Punk rock hits Irving Plaza with veterans like The Spits and Keith Morris’ OFF!.
Knitting Factory, 361 Metropolitan Ave.#  (venue review)
7:00pm – Malachai (DJ Set)
OFF!7:30pm – Ursula 1000 (Dj Set)
8:30pm – The Good People
9:30pm – Inkie vs Malachai (live Ipad art and music)
10:00pm – DJ Milo
11:00pm – Archie Pelago (LIVE)
12:00am – DJ Milo
L’asso Pizza. 107 1st Ave.
8:00pm – Yazan
9:00pm – Wigmaker’s Son Songs
10:00pm – Corrupt Autopilot
Le Baron, 32 Mulberry St.  (RSVP)
Plus One Music
11:00pm – Ghost Wave
12:00am – The Postelles
(le) Poisson Rouge, 156 Bleecker St.  (venue review)  (official/free)
New Zealand Music Commission
6:00pm – Tom Lark
6:30pm – Lawrence Arabia
7:00pm – Popstrangers
7:30pm – Ghost Wave
8:00pm – Die!Die!Die!
8:30pm – Six60
Kiwis bring a hot ticket to (le) Poisson Rouge.
Left Field, 87 Ludlow St.*  (free)
10:00pm – Popstrangers
11:30pm – Apollo Run
Legion, 790 Metropolitan Ave.
Louisiana Purchasing Company
4:00pm – TBA
5:00pm – Imaginary Friends
6:00pm – Surfing
7:00pm – So Cow
EULA8:00pm – Squareheads
9:00pm – GunFight!
10:00pm – EULA
11:00pm – Caged Animals
12:00am – Sparxx
Lit Lounge, 93 2nd Ave. #A  (venue review)
8:45pm – Adios Ghost
9:30pm – Santah
10:15pm – Tiny Fingers
11:00pm – 12 Dirty Bullets
Littlefield, 622 DeGraw St.  (venue review)
7:30pm – Modiri
8:10pm – Manicanparty
8:50pm – Cultfever
9:30pm – Joywave
10:10pm – Harmonica Lewinskies
10:50pm – Osekre and The Lucky Bastards
11:40pm – Moon Hooch
Living Room, 154 Ludlow St.*  (venue review)  (official/free)
7:40pm – Savoir Adore
7:00pm – Little Green Cars
10:00pm – Bastian Baker
10:45pm – Wanting
11:30pm – Current Swell
12:00am – Andrew Vladeck
Living Room (upstairs), 154 Ludlow St.*  (venue review)  (official/free)
7:30pm – Minor Soul
8:30pm – Canyon.
8:30pm – TBD
9:30pm – TBD
Delicate Steve10:30pm – TBD
Marlin Room at Webster Hall, 125 E. 11th St.
6:30pm – Grand Resort
7:15pm – The Young Evils
8:00pm – Bleeding Rainbow
8:45pm – Dent May
9:30pm – Heavenly Beat
10:15pm – Mac DeMarco
11:00pm – Teen Daze
11:45pm – Delicate Steve
12:30am – Thieves Like Us
Mercury Lounge, 217 E. Houston St. #A*  (venue review)
Aquarium Drunkard
7:00pm – Murals
8:00pm – Rafiq Bhatia
9:00pm – Calvin Love
10:00pm – Foxygen
11:00pm – Tashaki Miyaki
12:00am – The Orwells
1:00am – Dent May
2:00am – Mondo Boys (DJ set)
Muchmore’s, 2 Havemeyer St.#
8:00pm – Zulu Wave
9:00pm – Old Bricks
10:00pm – Holy Wave
11:00pm – The Split
12:00am – Dancing Heals
The Paper Box, 317 Meadow St.
8:00pm – Dujeous
9:00pm – Gliffics
10:00pm – Yo Majesty
11:00pm – Max Burgundy
Dinowalrus12:00am – Clemm Rishad
Parkside Lounge, 317 E Houston*
10:00pm – Morning Fuzz
11:00pm – Winter People
12:00am – Navel
1:00am – The Asteroid Shop
Pete’s Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St.#  (venue review)
8:00pm – Mara Connor
9:00pm – Robert Blake
10:00pm – Emily Elbert
11:00pm – Jonny Hirsch Band
Pianos, 158 Ludlow St.*  (venue review)  (official/free)
Lefse Records
7:00pm – Way Yes
7:45pm – Psychic Twin
8:30pm – Field Mouse
9:15pm – Mean Lady
10:00pm – Teen Daze
10:45pm – Levek
11:30pm – Mister Lies
12:15am – Cuckoo Chaos
1:00am – Cemeteries
Pianos (upstairs), 158 Ludlow St.*  (venue review)  (free)
Cantora Records/Banner
7:00pm – Spanish Prisoners
7:50pm – Incan Abraham
8:40pm – Isaac Delusion
9:30pm – Murals
10:20pm – You Won’t
11:10pm – Zulu Pearls
Alex Winston12:00am – Slam Donahue
12:50am – Team Spirit
Rock Shop, 249 4th Ave.  (venue review)
Mecca Lecca Records
7:00pm – Sean0Sean
7:45pm – Howth
8:30pm – Joshua McCormack
9:15pm – Rice Cultivation Society
10:00pm – Making Movies
10:45pm – Zula
11:30pm – Friend Roulette
Johnny Leather’s Mecca Lecca Records takes over Rock Shop.
Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 1), 196 Allen St.*  (venue review)  (official/free)
5:00pm – TBD
6:00pm – Tall Heights
7:00pm – Caitlin Canty
8:00pm – Amy Vachal
9:00pm – TBD
10:00pm – Michael Daves
11:00pm – Castle Lights
12:00am – Alfonso Velez
Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2), 196 Allen St.*  (venue review)  (official/free)
6:00pm – Marit Larsen
7:00pm – Teddy Geiger
8:00pm – Darlingside
9:00pm – Spacehog
10:00pm – BLACK TAXI
11:00pm – Taurus
12:00am – The Floorwalkers
S.O.B.’s, 204 Varick St.
8:00pm – The Robert Glasper Experiment
10:15pm – The Robert Glasper Experiment
Santos Party House, 96 Lafayete St.  (venue review)
Neon Gold Records
7:30pm – Queen of Hearts
Savoir Adore8:05pm – Blackbird Blackbird
8:45pm – Robert DeLong
9:35pm – Ghost Beach
10:25pm – Savoir Adore
11:15pm – Alex Winston
Savoir Adore (QRO live review) plays Santos after releasing their new Our Nature.
Santos Party House (downstairs), 96 Lafayete St.  (venue review)
Krian Music Group
8:00pm – Capsula
9:00pm – The Strange Familiar
10:00pm – Blaudzun
11:00pm – The Ettes
Spike Hill, 184 Bedford Ave.#  (venue review)
5:00pm – The English Beat (acoustic)
6:00pm – Luther
7:00pm – Glocca Morra
8:00pm – No Way Josie
9:00pm – Wild Adriatic
10:00pm – Brick + Mortar
11:00pm – Teen Commandments
12:00am – Basement Batman
The Stand, 239 3rd Ave.
Metal Insidre
8:00pm – Jesse Joyce
8:00pm – Dave Smith
8:00pm – Don Jamieson
8:00pm – Nicki Glaser
8:00pm – Luis J. Gomez
Studio at Webster Hall, 125 E. 11th St.  (venue review)
Ooh La La
8:15pm – Ace Reporter
9:00pm – Gospels
10:00pm – Born Cages
The Infamous Stringdusters11:00pm – The Last Royals
12:00am – Ambassadors
1:00am – The Jane Doze
Sullivan Hall, 214 Sullivan St.
Gorilla Music/Earth Entertainment
8:00pm – DIE PRETTY
8:00pm – One Days Notice
8:00pm – Iphonic
8:00pm – Mancie
Tammany Hall, 152 Orchard St.*  (official/free)
NYC Funk and Soul
7:00pm – Juicebox
7:00pm – Bailen Brothers
7:00pm – Pitchblak Brass Band
Trash Bar, 256 Grand St.#
8:00pm – Grygiel
9:00pm – Bear Crossing
10:00pm – Sex With Strangers
11:00pm – Die!Die!Die!
12:00am – Stone Cold Fox
Union Hall, 702 Union St.  (venue review)
Allston Pudding/Whitesmith
8:00pm – Mean Creek
8:00pm – Joywave
8:00pm – Sydney Wayser
8:00pm – Earthquake Party!
8:00pm – The Lost Brothers
8:00pm – Young Hines
Union Pool, 484 Union Ave.#  (venue review)
All Hands Electric
We Were Evergreen8:00pm – Woodsy Pride
8:45pm – Plates of Cake
9:30pm – Zachary Cale
10:15pm – Test House
11:00pm – Virginia Plain
11:45pm – Psychobuildings
The Village Underground, 130 West 3rd St.
The Laugh Button Live
7:00pm – Cheat Film Screening
7:20pm – Live Stand-Up feat. Robert Kelly, Joe Derosa, Colin Quinn, Rich Vos, Keith Robinson
8:00pm – Cheat Book Q&A & Signing
9:00pm – Cheat Film Screening
9:20pm – Live Stand-Up feat. Robert Kelly, Joe Derosa, Colin Quinn, Rich Vos, Keith Robinson
10:00pm – Cheat Book Q&A & Signing
ZirZamin, 90 W Houston
5:15pm – Khaled Dajani
6:00pm – Therina Bella
6:45pm – Tatiana Moroz
7:30pm – Alex Montanez
8:15pm – Bern & the Brights
9:00pm – Stevie & the Lion
9:45pm – Tanner Walle
10:30pm – Deanna Brown
11:15pm – Sandbox
12:00am – Nimo Kally
12:45am – Satchel Jones
1:30am – Stoneman Cole



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