Chest High Fires – Chest High Fires

Husband-and-wife Jeff Berrall & Carrie Ashley Hill team up for a sweet country 'Honeymoon'....
Chest High Fires : Chest High Fires
8.0 Self-released

Chest High Fires : Chest High FiresJeff Berrall has been an NYC music fixture for years, having played in acts like Elefant and currently Caveman. His wife, Carrie Ashley Hill, has her own musical career, and now the duo teams up for a sweet country Honeymoon.

There is a definite intimacy to Honeymoon, whether it’s Berrall or Hill who are on vocals, but the record isn’t just stripped soul baring. There’s a great journey to the relaxed opener “Grave Dancers” and trot “North Dakota” (a state that very much deserves a country song), compared to the sad goodbye closer “Sweet Baby Jane”. Meanwhile, there’s an almost holiday nature to “As Far As I Can Tell”, and “My Friends Are Trying To Kill Me” is wonderfully straight-faced fun.

While Berrall and Hill are Brooklyn hipster musicians, they’re also hipster parents, and have a world-wise-ness to them as the borough has grown up. Honeymoon is sweet country for singles, couples, urban, or rural.

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