Catch the Throne

You might think that 'Game of Thrones' and hip-hop have very little in common....
Catch the Throne

Catch the Throne

You might think that Game of Thrones and hip-hop have very little in common. One is a fantasy series from acclaimed sci-fi author George R.R. Martin, set in a made-up of world of dragons and kings based on medieval Europe, where high-born whose skin tones range from white to very white vie for a throne made of swords, before the snow and the even whiter walkers of winter come. The other is a music genre born in the very real streets of the here & now, where the disenfranchised of all races sling rhymes about what life is like today. But these two very popular forms of art & more came together for the Catch the Throne mixtape listening party at Helen Mills in New York on Thursday, March 12th.

The Iron ThroneGame of Thrones actually has a following not limited to nerds and gamers, but across society, including the hip-hop world, reportedly for the Machiavellian moves towards power that are familiar to those in rap music – plus all the sex and violence, because those sell everywhere (even if the violence is with swords). And the people behind the show are just as into hip-hop as the rest of the world is. This party was for the release of indeed the second Game of Thrones mixtape, using samples from the series. And the mixtape isn’t just limited to hip-hop, as metal artists also contributed.

Catch the Throne vending machineThe party had guests Jesse Leach & Joel Stroetzel of Killswitch Engage, and Frank Bello of Anthrax, as well as other mixtape artists Melanie Fiona and Raquel Sofia. What’s more, Fiona played a few songs, repping House Lannister (hopefully she means Tyrion, and not Tywin…). And there was a great video about the mixtape, showing its artists like Snoop Dogg (making smoke rings, of course), Estelle, Mastodon, Method Man, MNDR, Talib Kweli, Ty Dolla $ign, and more. Oh, and yes, there were some wonderful free drinks & hors d’oeuvres, plus a killer gift bag that included a bobblehead of Tyrion or Cersei Lannister, a Catch the Throne vending machine for special prizes – even the official Game of Thrones throne (no actual residents of Westeros were there, but they’re all probably in Europe making the actual show…).

Tyrion & Cersei LannisteThe making of video for Catch the Throne had an introduction by actress Gwendoline Christie, one of the palest people on the show (and that’s saying something…), but she showed more enthusiasm about Catch than her character ever has on Thrones (to be fair, as Brienne of Tarth she doesn’t get exuberant much). It was great to catch a drink & Catch the Throne before the new season begins.

Jesse Leach & Joel Stroetzel of Killswitch Engage, and Frank Bello of Anthrax

Catch the Throne track list:

  1. Method Man – The Oath
  2. MNDR – Run for Cover
  3. Ty Dolla $ign – Never Back Down
  4. Killswitch Engage – Loyalty
  5. Kap G – Surrender Now
  6. Melanie Fiona – Fight To Do It
  7. Snoop Dogg – Lannister’s Anthem
  8. Yandel – Marcando Territorio
  9. Anthrax – Soror Irrumator
  10. Estelle – Let Me Go
  11. Talib Kweli – Lord of the Light
  12. Mastodon – White Walker
  13. Raquel Sofia – Legends
  14. Stalley – All Mine
  15. Mushroomhead – Among the Crows

Melanie Fiona

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