Blonde Redhead – Sit Down For Dinner

The beautiful Blonde Redhead return to 'Sit Down For Dinner'....
Blonde Redhead : Sit Down For Dinner
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Blonde Redhead : Sit Down For Dinner

There was a time in the aughts when noise became beauty, when the young punks became artistic hipsters, and nowhere was that more the case than with Blonde Redhead. Yet that was a long time ago, and the boom in indie-beauty long since over. But Blonde Redhead return with their first record in almost a decade, and Sit Down For Dinner is all the beauty you remember.

The running thread throughout Blond Redhead’s career has been their washing effects, and those are at the fore on Dinner on songs such as “Kiss Her Kiss Her” and the closing “Via Savona”. But there’s also indie-tropicalia in the opening “Snowman”, pure high beauty with “Not For Me”, and the echoing beauty of the first title track “Sit Down For Dinner Pt I” goes into the poppier beat continuation of “Pt II”.

While beautiful faces fade with time, beautiful music doesn’t, and neither has Blonde Redhead as they come back and Sit Down For Dinner.

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