Bleachers – Gone Now

If you want cheesy & catchy millennial emotional pop, might as well make it Bleachers....
Bleachers : Gone Now
6.9 RCA

Bleachers : Gone Now

Millennials these days are all about showing their emotions, and repurposing older styles. Jack Antonoff came up as part of the hit pop group fun., but found his alter-ego in his own project Bleachers, which has since become perhaps what he’s best known for. Influenced equally by eighties John Hughes teen flicks and Antonoff’s present day experiences, Gone Now is as cheesy and catchy as you’d expect.

Seemingly built around the idea of growing up at home, but having to leave, Gone Now practically drips with Antonoff’s heart-on-his-sleeve emotion – and synthesizers. Yes, eighties synths are back, but Antonoff employs both them and modern versions. Strongest are the building emotional uplift tracks “Dream of Mickey Mantle” and “All My Heroes”. Other pieces, like “Let’s Get Married” and “I Miss Those Days”, are exactly what you’d expect from the titles. The eighties come in on songs such as the saxophone with “Everybody Lost Somebody” or what comes off as a modern remix of Billy Joel, “Goodbye”.

If you don’t want to hear cheesy & catchy emotional songs that teenagers and mainstream millennials will swear speaks right to them, move on. But if you do, might as well make it Bleachers.

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