Beach House

<img src="" alt=" " />Purely spectacular and painfully beautiful are the music and lyrics that are delivered by Baltimore's own Beach House. ...
Beach House

Purely spectacular and painfully beautiful are the music and lyrics that are delivered by Baltimore’s own Beach House.  On Monday, October 11th, Beach House Victoria Legrandtook the audience on a musical journey through time and space at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL.

With a simple and sophisticated set made up of three light reflecting pyramids and an intimate arrangement of instruments that brought the band to the edge of the stage, lead singer Victoria Legrand, lulled the crowd into a state of dreaming with her haunting voice and her bewitching talents on the organ.  It was hard to not get lost in the music and to be emotionally moved, for their powerful lyrics spoke to everyone in the room.  Songs such as their hit "Norway" ushered in claps and yells of praise as well as their final song "10 Mile Stereo" that was poetic and spoke of how "Love’s like a pantheon / It carries on forever."

The music wasn’t the only thing that was extraordinary; the set and the atmosphere Beach House birthed were visually stunning.  Legrand was an extension of the music; her limbs flowed with grace and ease of one so connected to her creation that it was almost too intimate to watch.  Her musical soul mate, Alex Scally, seemed to be in his own world of notes and progressions but never failed to make every thing he played to be practically perfect in every way.

Many of their songs ere inspired by winter and that was evident in their crisp and cool arrangements and the harsh reminder of the drums.  Beach House’s performance was a spiritual experience for music lovers everywhere.
Beach House

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