Patrick Turner

  • Wild Nothing : Live

    Wild Nothing – Live

    In Brisbane’s intimate Alhambra Lounge, indie pop-janglers Wild Nothing received an ecstatic welcome for their first performance in Australia....
  • Beach House : Live

    Beach House

      The Tivoli is one of Brisbane’s few impressive venues.  A restored art-deco theatre swathed in dark red drapes and nostalgic charm.  These atmospheric surrounds formed the perfect setting for the dream-pop musings of Baltimore’s Beach House on the evening of Friday, 11 January 2013. The group opened with...
  • Echo Lake ; Wild Peace

    Echo Lake : Wild Peace

    Echo Lake : Wild Peace
    Wild Peace is Beach House and Slowdive's illegitimate (but enthusiastically created) lovechild. ...
  • Chomp : Throw Away Your Wish List

    Chomp – “Throw Away Your Wish List”

    Chomp is the unholy union of members of the somber Cloud Nothings and the Wavves-y Total Babes and their first release from forthcoming LP Buddah Jabba Momma, "Throw Out Your Wish List", sounds exactly like you’d expect it to.  Retaining the shambolic, summer-ready rock sound of the latter and...
  • DIIV : Oshin

    DIIV : Oshin

    DIIV : Oshin
    It's unsurprising that Zachary Cole Smith's solo project DIIV continues to mine the dreamy, melodic guitar aesthetic that threatens to consume indie rock. ...
  • Liars : WIXIW

    Liars : WIXIW

    Liars : WIXIW
    Over a decade has passed since the release of Liars first album, a period which has seen the band traverse almost as much distance geographically as they have creatively. ...
  • King Tuff : King Tuff

    King Tuff : King Tuff

    King Tuff : King Tuff
    Kyle Thomas' diverse activities have informed an album as varied as it is stimulating. ...
  • Still Flyin' : On a Bedroom Wall

    Still Flyin’ : On a Bedroom Wall

    Still Flyin' : On a Bedroom Wall
    On a Bedroom Wall finds band-leader Sean Rawls skulking heading with a couple of friends to a down-tempo club in search of more mature fun. ...
  • Grinderman : Grinderman 2 RMX

    Grinderman : Grinderman 2 RMX

    Grinderman : Grinderman 2 RMX
    Remix albums are a tricky proposition. ...