Jason Dean

  • Django Voris : Constantopolis

    Django Voris – Constantopolis

    A few tracks in on Constantopolis and you begin to realize you’re listening to only a tiny fraction of a much larger body of work from Django Voris....
  • Afflicted Man : I’m Off Me ‘Ead

    Afflicted Man – I’m Off Me ‘Ead

    The problem with a record like I’m Off Me ‘Ead is that there’s just no way to understand what it was like to have heard this in the context of the end of the English punk explosion when this was originally released in 1980....
  • Ovlov : Am

    Ovlov – Am

    There’s a massive unique sound on Am, the latest album from Ovlov on Exploding In Sound Records....
  • Two Inch Astronaut : Bad Brother

    Two Inch Astronaut – Bad Brother

    There was a tipping point in the early ‘90s when Sunny Day Real Estate reintroduced the idea of an ultra-polished, complex composition to post-punk....
  • Plates of Cake : Teenage Evil

    Plates of Cake – Teenage Evil

    It’s gloomy, late, and dark when the needle hits the record – you don’t necessarily need this atmosphere to appreciate Teenage Evil, but it helps....
  • Fat History Month : Bad History Month

    Fat History Month – “Bad History Month”

    Fat History Month seems to be continuously touring and recording since their first single, “Safe and Sound” on Bedroom Suck Records.  Between shows in Boston and New York they seem to be perpetually in the middle of a northeast tour.  They’ve released countless cassettes and singles to date and...
  • Soccer Mom – Brides/Canoe

    With the somewhat naturalistic title Brides/Canoe, Soccer Mom has released an epic supernova, a two song CD single with 100m Records.  Since their 10” You Are Not Going To Heaven on the New York based label, they’ve gained a new drummer, Justin Kehoe, and have continued honing thick experimental...
  • Fist City : It's 1983, Grow Up!

    Fist City : It’s 1983, Grow Up!

    Fist City : It's 1983, Grow Up!
    Fist City comes out swinging on It's 1983, Grow Up! with their own anti-authority aesthetic for a different millennium ...
  • Nude Beach : II

    Nude Beach : II

    Nude Beach : II
    It's difficult to distance classic rock from its extensive history, which can make these sounds feel like they've been all but used up in the past thirty years, but it's the sincerity of the trio that makes this stand out. ...
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