Dana Miller

  • The Raconteurs : Live

    The Raconteurs

    I have umpteen times serendipitously overheard conversations held by audiophile hipsters wherein Jack White is referred to as though he is some Cimmerian pontiff predestined to be questioned by aforesaid hipsters simply for the unavoidable fact of his alpha status both on and off the stage....
  • Skeggs : Live


    For those who believe that the original spirit of the English punk scene died at the nexus of ‘79/‘80 alongside Sid Vicious and Ian Curtis, I invite you to visit the gloriously DIY dinge-display that is Southampton’s Loft....
  • Royal Blood : Live

    Royal Blood

    I could not have been more eager to imbibe the unique ether always generated by any band in possession of the full venue to themselves and at leisure to unleash their particular brand of thunder without rivalry or regard....
  • The Raconteurs : Help Us Stranger

    The Raconteurs – Help Us Stranger

    Chet Atkins once famously said of Les Paul that he, “Never played a note in bad taste.”...
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