Anthrax : Worship Music

Anthrax with 'classic lineup' release 'Worship Music'....
Anthrax : Worship Music
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Anthrax : Worship Music As far as studio albums go, the public hasn’t heard from Anthrax in a while.  Specifically, it’s been since 2003 when they released We’ve Come For You All.  But listeners really haven’t heard from them in this form for over twenty years, since the release of their 1990 album Persistence of Time, their last to feature ‘classic lineup’ vocalist Joey Belladonna.  One of many in the group’s revolving door of vocalists, he is a favorite and one of the most tenured.  Rumors have been circulating in recent years that Anthrax were making a new album with him and only recently did this finally come to fruition with their fist studio album in eight years, Worship Music.  It proves to exhibit a reinvigorated Anthrax who have had plenty of practice together touring the world recently as one of The Big 4 (QRO live review), alongside fellow thrash metal godfathers Megadeth, Slayer, and Metallica.

The whole of Worship Music is head banging music at its finest, particularly the epic “In the End”.  One of the album’s longer tracks, it just keeps crescendo-ing into thundering guitars and hammering drums.  This would undoubtedly be one of the more enjoyable songs to witness in a live setting.  Another highlight is the album’s intro track, the instrumental “Worship”.  Its foreboding vibe is a precursor to the epic ride listeners are in for with this album.  Worship Music ends with a treat in the hidden track “New Noise”, which is an obvious ode to one of the songs Anthrax is best known for, their rap/rock team up with Public Enemy from 1991, “Bring the Noise”.

Worship Music is a wild ride and at the very minimum shows that Anthrax still has what it takes to rock with the best of them.  It may be a recycling of their classic sound, but some bands have to do that these days to show that they still matter.  This is Anthrax’s foray back into the realm of legitimacy.  Like Metallica’s Death Magnetic it’s a return to form and a way to make them relevant both to longtime fans and a whole new generation alike.

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