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<img src="" alt="Andrew Bird : Live" />Classically-trained violinist Andrew Bird played Tarrytown, NY, only 20 minutes outside of NYC. ...
Andrew Bird : Live
Andrew Bird : Live

On Friday, October 21st, classically-trained violinist Andrew Bird and percussionist extraordinaire Martin Luther King Chavez Dosh (better known by just Dosh) played Tarrytown, NY, only 20 minutes outside of NYC.  The quaint little town is the home of the Tarrytown Music Hall, a theater that has been around for over 125 years.  Now more than ever, the music hall looks phenomenal.  Inside the music hall is everything you’d expect from an iconic theater, domed ceilings, upholstered velvet seats and a perfect view of the stage from every angle.  Silhouettes of Victorian characters lined the walls too.

Dosh opened the show with a series of improvised and original tracks from the small array of albums found under his belt.  Dosh is known for being a good friend of Andrew Bird and its rather evident in his performance and on-stage demeanor.

Andrew Bird came out, introduced himself and opened with “Hole in the Ocean”.  I found myself completely fixated – mouth agape – on the lone figure on the stage only dressed in a suit (he left his shoes on, citing his aging and weak knees, as well as his loopy, delusional behavior from lack of sleep) and a basic stage setup of amplifiers and part of the set listSound Sculpture Installation that debuted at the Guggenheim (QRO venue review).  Dosh’s equipment was left on stage during Bird’s set – the two phenomenal artists collaborated on an instrumental set up as well as other Andrew Bird hits.  The set list included new tracks expected to show up on an upcoming album as well as the Norman soundtrack.

Andrew Bird concluded the tour of the Northeast but assured the crowd that a tour supporting his upcoming album will happen sometime soon.

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